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DJB Button Broadcaster




Cool apps for today’s content creators and internet broadcasters.

Whether you’re a morning jock who needs that “something special” to take your show to the next level, a basement enthusiast who wants to sound like a pro, or an established broadcaster looking for a simple automation solution for LPFM, HD or Web, DJB Radio has a cost effective solution for you with our Button Box family of micro-automation products perfect for touchscreen laptops or Windows-based tablets.

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  • Button Box 2.0 by Digital JukeBox Playlist and Hot Buttons
    MAP: $ 195.00  United States
    RPB Price: $249.60 Canada
    Call for best price!
  • Button Broadcaster PRO with Loaded VST Processor
    MAP: $ 495.00  United States
    RPB Price: $633.60 Canada
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  • iBroadcaster for 4iTunes PC by DJB Radio comes with Music Scheduler, wav Editor, Voice Tracking, Internet Streamer, Mic Mixer
    MAP: $ 595.00  United States
    RPB Price: $761.60 Canada
    Call for best price!