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DJB Zone


When automation pioneer Ron Paley first saw the Digital JukeBox he exclaimed, “It’s a Ferrari dressed up like a Ford!”   A decade later DJB Radio’s ZONE Automation system is both.  Much to the delight of those who have spent time with the software, DJB ZONE delivers more features than most systems on the market in a sleek, attractive and user-friendly package.  

At its inaugural NAB Show in Las Vegas, DJB ZONE wowed the crowd and took home a coveted “Best of Show” award – a first for automation.  When Covid hit and the world changed overnight in March of 2020, DJB ZONE was up for the task with easy wide area and remote functionality thanks to its SQL back-end and flexible design.  Take a tour of DJB Zone’s key features in the video below then scroll down for more information on the future-ready, “reimagined” innovations the team at DJB Radio is known for.

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  • DJB Internet Voice Tracking Software for remote client. One required per remote user. Note: VPN required for secure remote connect to DJB ON AIR software access.
    MAP: $ 399.00  United States
    RPB Price: $399.00 United States
    Call for best price!
  • DJB Sports Remote Log Software acts as a mini log that inserts itself into the daily Air Log at game or remote  scheduled time. Allows remote talent to run the log for ads, ID's promos and legal id's using a cell phone. Unattended Air Studio - product is controlled remotely and rejoins station log at end of remote.
    MAP: $ 595.00  United States
    RPB Price: $595.00 United States
    Call for best price!
  • DJB Zone Automation On Air Screen with multiple arrange views, talent selectable
    MAP: $ 1,495.00  United States
    RPB Price: $1,495.00 United States
    Call for best price!
  • DJB Zone Production Suite
    MAP: $ 995.00  United States
    RPB Price: $995.00 United States
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