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DJB WebStream Logger 24Ch Stereo Software

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Product Description


The DJB WebStream Logger is an AWARD WINNING multi channel URL web stream & analog audio logger with: 

  • Ability to monitor URL web streams without need of physical audio cards
  • Ability to record most popular formats on generic USB external or internal plu-in sound cards 
  • Mic skimmer using external serial closure detect devices
  • Any url web stream silence detector
  • Each channel provides DJB Silent Treament detection  and email warning should any channel detect loss of audio
  • Best of Show recorder - Time based recordings
  • Competition Monitor - records with USB tuner (USB FM tuner optional at extra cost) 
  • 24/7 audio and/or webstream loggeravailable 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, & 24 channel versions
  • Demo available any model - see website for download links
  • Web - Network Client for remote access for download and playback is provided with the logger software


The DJB WebStream Logger is a 24 multi channel URL and analog audio logger, competition monitor, mic skimmer, any stream silence detector and Best of Show recorder. 
The software  can be used by a wide range of users as it provides radio networks, groups, clusters, combos and stand-alones the ability to monitor URL web streams without need of physical audio cards. 
In addition each channel provides DJB Silent Treatment audio monitoring and email warning should any channel detect loss of audio.


  • Record in Split Stereo in mono or full stereo 
  • PC desktop or rack mounted computer
  • Record your stations and the competition
  • Records to MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AAC, M4A or WMA files
  • Select days
  • Select hours
  • Select record sample rate
  • Select Bit Rate
  • Select to record 15, 30 or 60 minute files
  • Uses inexpensive audio cards USB  Lexicon Alpha, M-Audio, Behringer - Contact RPB for quotes
  • Works with ASI, AudioScience, Digigram, Lynx professional Sound Cards - internal PCIx or PCI
  • Wheatnet & Axia ip drivers fully supported
  • Record url web stream (note not a web player audio) requires actual link to web host 
  • Comes with Web-Network Client software for remote playback and download


  • Any Modern PC Computer SFF or tower 
  • Windows 7 PRO, Windows 10 PRO
  • CPU speeds should be i3 - i5 - i7 or better
  • 8GB RAM Memory & 64 Bit installation preferred
  • At least 500GB - 2 TB Hard Drive, SSD boot drive 250GB recommended
  • Built-in a sound blaster card, multi channel USB cards, Internal PRO cards or ip drivers Axia & Wheatnet
  • LCD or LED Monitor HiRes resolution (Monitor is Optional to cost of software)
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Closure devices supported are Axia - Wheatnet and Broadcast Tools switchers and closure devices


Warranty Information

DJB WebStream Logger comes with One Year email ONLY Software Warranty. This warranty includes free upgrades for One Year within the software version
that is purchased.

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