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DMX-8 ip Console & Mix Engine

22.00 LBS
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Product Description

The DMX-8 comes with one Mix Engine and is configured as follows:

  • 2 mic inputs on XLRs, with all additional I/O on RJ-45 connectors: 
  • 4 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs, 4 analog outputs, 4 digital outputs, 2 analog mic outputs, 
  • Headphone output, Cue output, Studio output, and Control Room output. 
  • DMX utilizes WheatNet-IP protocol to access, control, and process any and all audio sources on the network.

 Key Features of DMX ip Networked Console

  • Standalone production or on-air console with local inputs and outputs
  • 5-port Ethernet switch built into PR&E Mix Engine - no need for an external switch
  • Control surface sizes for 8-, 16-fader channels
  • WheatNet-IP protocol with 1Gb connectivity - any source to any fader
  • Bus Minus (N-1) on each input channel
  • Four program output busses
  • Four event buttons for recalling entire console setups at the touch of a button
  • Pre-programmed processing presets for mic/voice
  • Control room, studio, and headphone jack (with built-in amplifier w/level control)
  • Full EQ functions (4-band parametric with high/low pass and high/low shelving) and full dynamics (compression, limiting, and expansion) on every channel
  • Multi-function channel-encoder knob with OLED display on each channel for control of EQ, dynamics, sources, pan, mode, and more
  • Talkback and cue functions
  • Built-in timer
  • Six logic GP I/O ports for network control

No External Switch Needed 5 Ethernet Ports & 1GB Ethernet Port Provided:

With the DMX Mix Engine, five Ethernet ports are provided for interfacing the Surface, the Engine, and
your PC for use with Navigator or Surface Setup. Optional devices such as VoxPro PC, a
media server, or a couple of Razor I/O units can be added for future expansion.

Essentially acting as a built-in switch, this keeps IT management and procurement costs down while
making it dead simple to expand your AoIP network. 
Of course, if you DO want to expand even further
and add more DMX consoles, you can add a managed gigabit switch and be off and running to a larger network.

  • There are 5 Ethernet ports that will interface directly with optional I/O Razor Interfaces for more inputs & outputs
  • A 1 GB Ethernet port for networking is alos provided.

Optional: Razor I/O Interface:

  • Each Razor can expand the system I/O with 8 stereo or 16 mono in and/or out; 
  • Razor's are available in analog, digital or analog/digital versions
  • Additionally, the Analog Razor gives you a pair of mic preamps, complete with phantom power and processing presets.

The Razor I/O Interface provides 8 analog, digital, or analog/digital inputs and outputs, as well as logic and
Ethernet connections on RJ45 connectors.

DMX networked consoles can also be used with Wheatstone's M-4IP USB four-channel mic/voice processor over its network

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