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EMX-24 ip 24Ch Surface Console

55.00 LBS
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Product Description

EMX by PR&E 24-channel frame capacity fully filled.  Includes: 

  • 4 Pairs of LED Program Meters, Cue Speaker, Headphone Amp
  • 3 EMX-IP 4-Channel Input Modules (WS# 041200)
  • 1 EMX-MN Monitor Module (WS# 04201)
  • 1 EMX-BK1 Blank Module (WS# 041219)
  • 1 EMX-BK4 Blank Module (WS# 0412xx)
  • 1 PS-1650 Power Supply (WS#007550)
  • 1 PSC-1650 Power Supply Cable (WS# 007549)
  • 1 PR&E Mix Engine (WS# 044303)
  • EQ & Dynamics Processing on every fader channel

More Features in Detail:
EMX, PR&E presents an AoIP networkable console that can handle even the most demanding installations. 

  • Frame sizes: EMX-16, EMX-16W, EMX-20, EMX-20W, EMX-24, and EMX-24W (the "W" indicates a Wide frame which have the equivalent of five extra spaces for adding accessory modules, such as telco or smart OLED switch panels, whereas the regular frames have a single space)

  • Modular console, 4 fader channels per module, 1 monitor module

  • Separate rackmounted power supply (redundant/spare available)

  • 4 Stereo MAIN (PGM) buses - 2 Stereo AUX buses - Stereo CUE bus and built in CUE amplifier and speakers

  • Stereo HEADPHONE circuit with built in amplifier

  • Dedicated 2-channel TELCO output configured for convenient use with VoxPro editing software

  • Built-in bus minus system allows separate mix minus feed from every fader channel

  • Individual Talkback button on each fader channel

  • Auto Foldback function switches mix minus feed depending on channel ON/OFF status

  • Built-in 4-band fully parametric EQ on every fader channel

  • Built-in parametric HPF and LPF on every fader channel

  • Built-in Compressor-Limiter-Expander on every fader channel

  • Pan control on every fader channel

  •  Multi-function encoder on each fader channel for source selection and to adjust (access-controlled) Advanced Channel Feature controls: Mode; Pan; EQ & Dynamics; and Aux Send levels

  •  Full color OLED display screen on every fader channel to show channel settings

  •  LED illuminated switches

  •  Built in Automation Control Interface allows external control of the surface from 3rd party devices, Tablets, and software applications.

  •  3 user-set Soft buttons on each channel for “hot” source selections, EQ in/out, Aux pre/post, etc. Set using the EMX Surface Setup app

  • Extensive monitor select systems for Control Room and Studio give easy access to all Program buses, two externals, telco, user programmed and wild on-the fly

  • LED meter bridge with high resolution meters (programmable for Average, Peak, or Peak dot over Average bar) and separate Overload and On-Air indicators

  • Pre-programmed processing presets for mic/voice

  • Dedicated meters for PGM 1, PGM 2, and PGM 3

  • Switched meter allows display of levels for two Externals, Telco, PGM 4, cue, plus wild on-the-fly selection

  • Front panel selectable Split Cue function puts sum of currently selected program in the left side and CUE in the right side of the Headphone feed

  • Full color OLED displays for Control and Studio showing current source and level

  • Complete console set ups can be saved as Events and recalled when needed

  • Full color OLED display for Event save/restore selection

  • Front panel level controls for Talkback to Control Room and Talkback to Studio

  • Complete Logic over IP system connects with Automation systems, talent panels, script engines, and GPIO ports with no extra wiring Access protection of multiple functions


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