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ZED-XB-14-2 Broadcast Console

12.00 LBS
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Product Description

ZED-XB14 Radio Broadcast console:

Compact, cost effective and versatile. The XB14 radio broadcast console is designed for a broad range
of applications from a small radio or internet broadcast studios, to larger studios with multiple rooms,
house of worshipradio, university radio and community radio. 

The XB 14 features multiple features specifically for broadcasters,including Dual telephone
communication modules with clean feed outputs for telephone callers, Mic fader startsensing for external
connection and internal automatic muting of the speaker outputs, stereo channel start/curoutputs for CD
deck transport control, seperate cue mixes for guests as well as engineer an audition bus and muchmore..


  • XLR mic/ TRS line mono input channels • 2 XLR Telephone Hybrid "Telco" channels• 
  • 3 Band EQ with swept mids on all mono inputs • 4 Stereo Input Channels (3 with A/B Source Selects)
  • TRS Jacks & RCA phone connectors on Stereo Ins•  Fader Start on all mono channel faders
  • Start/Cue Logic on all stereo channel switches • USB stereo audio in & out port for recording
  • Control room outputs with remote mutecapabilities on mono channels• Dual Headphone mixes
  • Talkback to Guests or / Telephone callers
  • Remote D-Type Multi-pin connector for driving on-air lights,external VU meters and remote mutes
  • Source Start/Stop from Stereo Channel ON Switches 
  • Main Program Outputs (PGM) Bus
  • Mix B bus can be used as an Audition channel with aclean feed mix or off Air Record bus.
  • Aux Bus with Pre or Post Fader switched source 
  • Control Room Speakers can be muted automaticallyfrom mic faders or remotely
  • Control Room headphone with monitor selection
  • 2 Guest headphone outputs with source selection thatis separate to the CRM monitoring
  • External monitor input for ie., (Off Air Tuner)
  • Main PGM XLR Bal @ +4dBu nominal
  • Rugged Power Supply without fan
  • Ron Paley Broadcast & Digital JukeBox
  • Head Office: 866-460-3119 • Ted Paley.
  • RPB & DJB Sales 1-800-771-4282 • Ron Paley 
  • Digital JukeBox TurnKey Sales - Joe Myers - 702-487-3336 Ext 406


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